Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FCC Documents shows LG's Next Smartwatch with 3G Connection

LG appears to be working on a new smartwatch of their own according to recently discovered FCC documents. The watch looks to be oval-shaped and will support a 3G CDMA connection of its own for data which would point to Sprint and Verizon compatibility in the U.S. The smartwatch won't be dependent on the phone but there's no word of the operating system it will be running yet.

LG's first round watch, the G-Watch R still has no release date so this new standalone watch probably won't  be coming out anytime soon.

Solve your iPhone 6 Bendgate with 3D Printed iPhone 6 Case

I'm sure that most of you are aware by now of Bendgate, a horrific scandal committed by Apple whether the iPhone 6 has the potential bend in pocket and naturally people were outrage. As in many major scandal, you have your time to be upset and then you have to pick up and get used to reality.

Enterprising 3D printer blueprint creators of created pre-bent iPhone 6 cases that you can print at home if you're rich or buy from the company Shapeways for just less than $20. The bend case is not customizable and the creator state that it would make a better gag gift than the actual phone case. But just in case it's look like that bend to lineup for you, head over Shapeways and check it out.

Windows 10 Unveiled

Microsoft just unveiled Windows 10, the next version of Windows. So the company is actually skipping version Windows 9 to emphasize the advances its making towards the worlds center around mobile devices and Internet services. They have announced new features such as introduction of multiple desktops, new universal search feature and combined Windows 7 and Windows 8 Start Menu feature.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview will start releasing tomorrow for desktops and laptops and version for server will follow later.

You can watch the Windows 10 quick tour to learn more with its new feature.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello Ello, the Anti-Facebook

If you have something in mind exploring other social network, say hello to Ello. A new social network is a month old and it's still its beta phase. A lot of people like an ad-free space, the co-founder came up to this idea he says, none of the social networks weren't fun anymore. Ello claims to protect your privacy a lot more, it collect some information but it doesn't sell your information. You can also use a stage name or different name than your legal name and that something Facebook doesn't allow. Over the past couple of days, it seen a massive spike in interests from people who are curious about the "Invitation Only" network.

Ello also says that there have been as many as 45 thousand invite request to the site per hour. It seems there is a Facebook rebellion happening. Ello is not a real Facebook threat. It's just the place to post some texts and photos like a Tumblr blog and similar to Twitter. You can use an @ symbol to mention other users and you follow someone's post and they don't have to follow you back. You can sort sort people into two feeds Friends and Noise but they don't know which you've chosen for them.

Ello Founder Paul Budnitz

Facebook Testing Out Its Trip Slideshow Feature

Facebook Slideshow Feature. (Photo Credit: Android Police)

Facebook seems to be working on new features which is similar to Google Plus. Some users are noticing that their Facebook app automatically creates a slideshow photos from a recent trip. Facebook is just picking up highlights so you can make one big slideshow of your vacation. Several people are sharing videos of this feature as reported by The Next Web and Android Police. Google Plus has already this feature, it's called Auto Awesome stories and it picks what it thinks are the best photos from your trips skipping over duplicates or out of focus shots.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple Patching Mac Bash Bug

Apple promises a fix to the Bash bug which is also known as "ShellShock". A security flaw was uncovered in programming code used by many systems and Apple's Mac computers were among the many vulnerable. Some experts says that Bash bug is even more bigger and could be more worse than the "Hearbleed" issue, that was previously revealed last spring.

The Bash bug is dangerous because in theory, it's really easy for the hacker to take control of your computer. Apple says, user of its Mac OS X are "safe by default" from this flaw. But nonetheless, Apple's also working to provide a software update to patch the problem.