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Sony's NW-ZX1 High-Definition Walkman

Sony's latest Walkman is getting buzz. The first cassette tape plain Walkman came out 35 years ago but this new NW-ZX1 plays ultra-high definition digital audio files. That means any music isn't compressed like typical MP3.

Along with the high-def audio comes a high price tag as well and it cost $700. It's a bit bulky, carved from a block of expensive aluminum. It has 128GB of storage and 32 hours of battery life. It's a hit in Japan were consumers starting to get into high-def audio. By high-def it means, you can hear every sound detail like the artist breathing. It will probably take sometime before this gadget will release in the US and other regions soon after.
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Unlock Motorola X Phone with a Digital Tattoo

During these time of year, tech news tends slowdown a bit. But when the news is dry, it gives us the opportunity to cover some of the more bizarre gadgets out there. Take of instance Motorola's Digital Tattoo.

There are many ways to unlock smartphone. There are pin codes, passwords, patterns, you can use a thumb print and even face detection. But Motorola think you may want to use a sticker on your skin. It's called a Digital Tattoo but it's just a sticker with circuitry. It's about the size of a nickle, design to work with the Moto X smartphone. When you tap the phone to the sticker, the phone is unlock.

This isn't new technology, it's using NFC (Near Field Communication). The sticker could save your time but people may also think you have some sort of skin disease. A pack of 10 pieces cost $10 and it will stay on when you shower, swim or workout.

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Razer Edge Gaming Tablet with Controller Buttons On Handles

This isn't the a time a company has tried to create a gaming tablet. Last year, Razer cooked up a tablet that could pop into a case with controller buttons on handles. It's called the Razer Edge. It also has a TV docking station so you can use it with more traditional game controllers. Unlike Nvidia's android tablet, Razer Edge is a fully-loaded Windows 8 machine like a Surface Tablet and it cost much more. It starts at a $1000.

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New Hybrid Gaming Console Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia has race another shield to stream android games. The new product is called The Nvidia Shield Tablet which has an 18-inch screen and it works with the controller but sold separately. It connects to your TV this new type of gaming hybrid, merging the worlds of tablets and televisions consoles for gaming on-the-go.

Last year, Nvidia came up with the smaller version of this concept. It was simply called The Nvidia Shield and it was a video game controller attached to small screen. The new Shield Tablet offers gaming with more flexibility to just use it as a tablet. It's built with top of the line hardware including dual-speakers and two high-end cameras, stylus pen and of course it has great graphics for gaming.

It starts $300 for the tablet and additional $60 for the controller. It arrives in the US next week on Tuesday, July 29 and it'll roll out to other countries soon after.

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Facebook New 'Save' Feature. To Save Important News Feed

Facebook has a new feature and you may actually like this change. If you feel like it's hard to keep of with all the good news stories in your feed, you can now save a story to read it later. It's more than just the news, you can save lots of things for later like post about a place, a movie or TV show. For friend recommends a good restaurant, you can bookmark it to remember to visit it later. You can save it in a drop down menu from the right corner and Saved list will show up in your More tab. This will rolling out to users over the next few days.
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New Fitness Tracker For Serious Athlete

There's a new type of gadget to give your workout a push. Fitness Trackers are quite trendy these days. There are dozens of devices that you can strap on your wrist to track your steps and movement but there's a new type of tracker for serious athlete. It's called Push and it's a new arm band designs specifically for strength training. You wear the Push in your forearm and it measure your performance as you do different strength training exercises. It tracks how many reps you do in a set, how much weight you're lifting and with that it can calculate the power of your lift.

To get started, you create a profile with your training goals, pick an exercise and enter in the weight that you are lifting. Press the button on the arm band and it keeps tracks of your sets. When you're done, you can check about your data and suggestions on how you improve based on your goals. If you're fast maybe you should add more weight and if you're not consistent during your set and you're slow, it can probably doing your max and that you're tired. But how tired you get can also help calculate the most lift that you can lift out one-time which is important to know for athletic training.

You want to keep pushing yourself further without going to far and hurting yourself. The point of all this is not to motivate a couch potato to get to the gym rather it optimizes your training. Most fitness trackers measure data 10 times a second. The Push measure data 250 times a second. It's accurate as professional sports lab equipment and because of that, several pro sports teams are using it for their players including NFL's Washington Redskins, hockey teams Dallas Stars and Philadelphia Flyers.

Those who pre-order now can get it for $149 and it'll ship on August.

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Twitter Acquired CardSpring To Enable E-Commerce

Twitter also starting to get into the social shopping game. Last year, they've launched a partnership with American Express (AMEX) so card holders could give discounts by tweeting special hash tags. Amazon started to leaving you shop on Twitter. If someone tweets out the link to an Amazon product, you can reply with the hash tag Amazon cart to add that item to your shopping cart. Starbucks even let you tweet a cup of coffee, a tweet just actually sends someone a five dollar gift card.

It was silly at may sound, Twitter is just getting warmed up. The network acquired CardSpring, that's a company that links up credit cards with applications for mobile shopping.

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Facebook Is Testing New Buy Button Feature

Facebook is testing at our way for you to go shopping while scrolling to your news feed. Some advertisements will have a "Buy" button and with the click, you can purchase the item in the ad. The whole transaction: your credit card info, shipping address, everything! It's all handle inside Facebook.

The network says, it wont share your credit card info with other advertisers. You may not see the Buy button all the time. It's just the test right now offer to some small and medium size businesses in the US.

This is not the first time Facebook has a dabbled on online shopping. Remember when you could buy actual physical gifts like teddy bears, chocolates and mail it to your friends, that wasn't very successful. So Facebook gifts are now digital gift cards and they were Facebook credits, a currency just for spending money on Facebook but that has been discontinued.

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Jawbone Up App Update To Track Your Food

There are some apps worth noting. The popular Jawbone Up app activity tracking bracelet has added new features to make it easier to track your food. Before, if you want to keep a record of your calories, you had a manually enter everything in. What kind of food, your portion size and now it offer some suggestions based on what typically eat so it makes you less time to fill it all out and it has a suggestions on what you can do to eat healthier as if you get already know how to eat better.

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18,000 Microsoft Employees Will Be Laid Off

Microsoft is making a major lay-offs as the company sets out on a new path...Time are changing at Microsoft. Chief Excutive Satya Nadella announced that up to 18,000 Microsoft employees will be laid off over several months. More than half of the job cuts are coming from the Nokia operations that Microsoft required earlier this year.

In a memo to employees, Nadella wrote that the company is in the middle of transformation. It's expanding beyond software licensing into more hardware and cloud services. This is Nadella's toughest move as CEO since he took over from Steve Ballmer back in February. Microsoft promises support to those laid off.

Nokia still going to be a big part of Microsoft even if it's slim down but Microsoft will no longer make Nokia phones that ran Android. Of course that comes as no surprise... Microsoft only wants to make Windows phones.

Microsoft is struggling to roll Windows phone but it's also facing challenges of Windows 8, Surface tablets and the new Xbox One. As part of the cuts, Microsoft is shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios which was launched to create original video programming for the Xbox.

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