Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Man Behind Hacking and Leaking Celebrities Photos from iCloud

The photos of over a hundred people, famous celebrities, singers, actors and actresses and their nude pictures were hacked and leaked online. Some of these victims include Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Avril Lavigne, Candice Swanepoel, Farrah Abraham, Hilary Duff, Scarlett Johansson, Selena Gomez, Rihanna etc.

A hacker went into their iCloud account and released these pictures for the public to see it. Apple is in a whole lot of trouble because they're the one that owns the iCloud. It makes us feels like you can't trust anything or anybody. How can we trust these services if hackers are better than their system?

Bryan Hamade, 26/y.o.
Software Engineer
Investigation is now taking place and sources says, the hacker found the weakness in the security system and guess what? The hacker has already been found. His name is Bryan Hamade, a 26 years old American software engineer but he denies stealing the pictures. These pictures was released all over Reddit and 4chan. So allegedly, Bryan tried to sell each photos for $100 a piece.

Back in 2012, Christopher Chaney from Florida was sentenced for 10 years in the Federal prison and this is after he hacked the devices of actress Scarllet Johansson and he posted her revealing pictures online.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sep-tech-ber Smartwatch Mania

Two weeks from now, Apple is having an event on September 9 where it will be most likely reveal the iPhone 6. Apple have made it official with a puzzling invite that said "Wish we could say more". It's also possible that Apple could use that event to reveal something that you wear on your wrist, a possible iWatch.

Samsung Gear S (Photo:Samsung/PR)

Other tech companies maybe in complete panic. Samsung and LG have announced smart watches even though each of them just released smart watch in July. Since September of last year, Samsung is shows off several gears, the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit and Gear Live. The new upcoming one is the Gear S which according to Samsung, the Gear S is not an accessory because it doesn't require smartphone to work.

The Gear S has its own SIM card with a 3G wireless connection, it means it needs a data plan. It has a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED screen (running 360×480 pixels), a front button and changeable wrist band. It has its own operating system called Tizen and it's packed with sensors that includes GPS, Post Reader and UV monitor to alert you to stay indoor.

LG didn't want to feel left out of the smart watch mania so it's doing tease for its new LG G-Watch R (R stands for Round). This will run Android Wear and it features a stainless steel frame with small watch notches that are edge in. It has a Hear Rate monitor, changeable leather band and Bluetooth connection to pair with smartphone.

The price and availability for these smartwatches have not been revealed yet. But it expected to go on sale globally in October 2014.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Apple Preparing New Largest-Ever iPad To Debut in 2015

We've got information on the next-generation of the iPad. Bloomberg reportedly says, that Apple is preparing a 12.9-inch iPad, the brand's largest tablet yet. The unveiling should take place during the September 9 product event are reportedly scheduled to commence by the first quarter of 2015.

Apple's decision on creating bigger tablet is most likely to compete with Samsung and Microsoft who've been kicking out in the market with their 12.2-inch and 12-inch models respectively. With everyone consuming more robust contents and videos, larger displays just make sense and Apple wants in.

Speaking that September 9 event. Techie are expecting Apple will also show off the new iPhone 6 with just said they have two versions, a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model.

But the question is, are they gonna fix that shockingly short battery life? What good is bigger display if you have to charge your device 16 time per day.

Square Cash Sends Money by Text

In the world of apps, there's a new option for sending money to a friend. The Square Cash app has been updated (Android and iOS) so you can send money over a text message. It used to need an email address but now all you need is a mobile phone number.

Since the email version launched in November, Sqaure says, people have used to transfer hundreds of million of dollars. It's another example of the growing demand for an easy way to send money without fees.

You can also send money with the Paypal. And if you're really want to cut-out the middleman, there is always Bitcoin.

Surface Pro 3 Overheating

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is also suffering from overheating issues. The tablet just came out a few weeks ago in early August. Customers are reporting that the fan goes into overdrive on the most simple tasks and it doesn't take long for it to trigger the computer to shutdown and show a temperature warning icon.

It seems the problem is with Surface Pro 3 is that having an Intel Core i7 processor. Microsoft says, a fix is in the works.

HP Power Cord Recall

Hewlett-Packard is recalling more than 6 million of its power cords because of an overheating problem, creating a potential fire and burn hazard. If you have an HP or compact laptop even an HP accessory, check if the cord has LS-15 stamp on the AC adapter end. These cords came with products that were made in September of 2010 to June of 2012. But not all HP, compact notebooks and mini notebooks sold during that time used this LS-15 cords. HP will give anyone with this cord a free replacement.

This isn't the first time HP had a deal with overheating chargers. The HP Chromebook 11 was pulled from shelves in 2013 because the charger was prone to overheating.